vendredi 14 août 2009

Transfer with the transcryl "Lefranc and Bourgeois"

This product allows to transfer it by transfer, an image beforehand printed on not ice-cold paper.
The base of the transfer: photocopies black and white or colors and printed images.
Thinner: water Support of the transfer: any support smooth, raw or already painted in the oil or in the acrylic. Avoid inabsorbants supports or fat.
Cleaning of the material : in the soapy water.

Note: avoid the transfer of postcards, as well as the impressions(printings) having received a varnish defender.

Stage 1: application of Transcryl: protect your work plan with a plastic sheet or from some oilcloth. Apply the transcryl in a layer to the cut paper, embellish with images pre-printed matter to be transferred. Make extend beyond the layer of transcryl of a centimeter everything around the image to be transferred. Let dry 20 minutes. Then, apply the second layer, by crossingit with regard to the first one. Begin again this operation once again, always by crossing layers. Indeed let dry between every layer from 15 till 20 minutes.

Stage 2: after 24 hours of drying: cut by taking a margin 0.5 cms wide everything around the printing so plasticized.
Immerse the paper in the tepid water approximately from 20 till 30 minutes, to facilitate the unsticking of the transfer.

Stage 3: remove the typing paper: peel the paper in the back of the printing, in the rolling with fingers or by means of a sponge with back wet gratteur. Loosen(kick away) so the plastic film on which the image will be reproduced.

Stage 4: time(weather) of drying of the plastic film: spread the obtained tranfert plastic film on a very smooth surface and wipe(suffer) him(it) with an absorbing paper, let dry 6 hours.

Stage 5: apply a layer of transcryl to your support. Stick then your transfer and eliminate air bubbles with a hard roller, or finger. Let dry the object realize 24 hours.

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